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Pastry Brush Silicone VS Natural

Our Test:
BigBangCooking Silicone Pastry Brush vs a Regular Natural paint brush.


Why did we choose to compare with a regular natural paint brush?

Most reviews and feedback you will found about pastry brush will tell you that paint brush are as effective as natural pastry brush, except of the name, it is mostly made of the same materials. Also, a paint brush is cheaper than a pastry brush.

Why did we choose to compare with the BigBangCooking Silicone Pastry Brush?

Well, it is the cheapest silicone pastry brush we could found on Amazon.com. When you compare items, you must compare what can be compare. We went for the cheapest natural brush we could found, so we had to go for the cheapest silicone pastry brush we were able to find.

Conclusion of our own Silicone or Natural Brush test:

We must admit that the natural brush did the job just as fine as our silicone one. We tried to put a basilic oils and honey sauce on our porc and it work just fine with both brush.

However, we must also make clearly state it: washing the silicone brush was just too easy compare to the natural brush.

I would use the bigbang cooking silicone brush again and will leave that natural pastry (or paint) brush in the drawer.

What we learn by doing some more research:

While searching online, looking at YouTube videos and reading other reviews, we realized that the silicone brush is having a disadvantage that we never saw with our own test.

Using silicone pastry brush with a very liquid sauce such as melted butter:

Many claims that silicone pastry brush are not able to handle very liquid sauce. Before doing any research, we did the test…
And guess what, the silicone pastry brush was a little worst than the natural brush but still for the trouble of taking all that fat away. I would still use the silicone one much more than the regular one.

After doing some research here is what seems to be “the logic” when using a silicone pastry brush for this kind of sauce:

Try to avoid silicone pastry brush with only a couple of “silicone bristles” the more is the better. In fact, it seems that having the bristles not totally circle but with some grooves in is really helping for this kind of work. However, I would be surprise grooves help more than many small bristles.


Other advantage of a silicone basting brush:

- They come in many colors so you really can choose one that match your kitchen.

- Cost less than natural brush.

- Silicone Pastry Brush do not lose their bristles in foods.

- They do not retain odors.


Wanna see a video on how easier to wash silicone pastry brush are?


Addiotionnal information needed?

Is Silicone Safe to cook?


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